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The flightschedule and the expansion of Lelystad Airport

As most of you will know is homebase of the Catalina, Lelystad Airport, expanded because of the growth of Schiphol Airport. The runway will be widened and extended. In addition, the existing runway wil be reinforce the substructure because of the heavier medium-sized jet aircrafts, such as the Boeing 737, which go to land and taking off here.
The work will be carried out in six phases from January 9 this year to 31 December 2017. The airport will remain open during construction, but the available runway length varies per phase. This has consequences for the Catalina because we need more runway than the small aircraft. During Phase 4, from 9 to July 24, the available runway length is so tight that we cannot fly with the Catalina. For this reason, the planning of a flight season a puzzle. The period until July 9 is now scheduled so that bookings can be made and we hope then to welcome you on board.

If you are interested in the details of the expansion of Lelystad Airport, and the phases, then the following links are useful: