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Unknow Heroes

Who are we? Unknown Heroes Foundation, an organization created from the business,as a practical expression of appreciation to our veterans who have worked for global peace,


EasyVFR®. Adventure made possible.

VFR the way you want it! You think planning a VFR flight is quite a challenge? You're quite right; to do it properly requires a lot of work and thought - nothing easy about


DDA Classic Airlines

Under the slogan "Working on the future of the past", the DDA was founded in 1982. DDA Classic Airlines is a dynamic museum that has become a fully-fledged aviation business.


The Catalina Preservation Society

Much has been written on the heritage of the PBY Catalina and its obvious impact on aviation worldwide. There is no doubt as to its significance in the outcome of many World W


Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Inc (HARS) is a not-for-profit organisation and was formed in 1979 by a group of aviation enthusiasts interested in the preservatio


Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum

The Museum is a Lake Boga Lions Club project and is a memorial to those who worked on and with the Flying Boats during World War II and particularly commemorates the contribut


Our Royal Dutch Navy Fleet

A Historic view of the Royal Dutch Navy. All the documentation you find here and/or photos, I have found them in books, writings and Internet, plus items and photos of own do


Verenigde Vleugels

Verenigde Vleugels: Thé historic aviation magazine in the Netherlands.