24 en 25 augustus

   Soesterberg Flight Event

Soesterberg Flight Event

When : 24-08-2018

Where : Verlengde Paltzerweg 1 3768 MX Soest

Details :
With an historic flight event we honor Soesterberg as the first military airfield of the Dutch aviation.

The Catalina will probably NOT take part on this event. It is still very interesting fot those who love this!

Fot this event you need to buy tickets. The museum cart or other carts you can NOT use. You can buy tickets by there website from januari 1 2018.

In the weekend from 25 & 26 of august 2018 the former Airfield Soesterberg is back in time with the Soesterberg Flight Event. For details visit their website https://www.nmm.nl/plan-je-bezoek/agenda/detail/2018/8/26/74/0/
Nearby the National Military Museum (NMM) every one can enjoy old piston engines and old airplanes that brings old times back to life from the beginning of aviation, the years from about 1913 to WW2.

During this great event for the public the audience discover the development of aviation. All together you will see about 25 flying airplanes who will start and land from the grass nearby the NMM located glider flying club. Besides that there will be a static show of formel flying material from the depot of the museum.

If you don’t want miss this event? Buy tickets for the special early booking rate, until april 1 !